Goodbye cold weather, and hello, spring! It's time to get your car ready for a season of driving adventure. Before you plan that big road trip, you will want to make sure that you get your Springtime Service at Johnson Dodge Chrysler Jeep. We can perform a complete Springtime Service of your vehicle at a competitive price.

What is Springtime Service?

A Springtime Service checks certain parts of your vehicle that may have undergone some depletion or wear during the winter months in Newark. Some of the work done during a Springtime Service include changing your oil and oil filter, checking fluids, changing wiper blades, checking your charging system, inspecting the vehicle's lighting system, lubricating the chassis, checking belts, hoses and more.

Important tire change over service

The most important service we provide are tire change-overs. During the winter, you most likely have snow or winter tires on your vehicle. To get maximum performance from your vehicle, you will want to switch over to summer tires. With our Spring service, we can quickly change over your tires and get you back on the road fast.

Save with us

We know that servicing your vehicle can get pricey at some places. That's why we offer amazing deals and discounts. It is important to us that you enjoy your SUV, car, or truck to its fullest. Our service department will do what it takes to offer you the top service at the best possible price. Trust us for all of your service needs.

Springtime Service without delay

Ever had your vehicle stay at a service center or a garage too long? Yeah, we don't like that either. That's why we have a fully staffed service team ready to work on your vehicle. We can get right to work on your vehicle and complete the job faster than most others in the Newark area. We know your time is valuable.

Get your Springtime Service today

Now is the time to take care of that important Springtime Service. Contact us at Johnson Dodge Chrysler Jeep to schedule an appointment. We're ready to take care of your vehicle.

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